Company profile

Clean air is our business

Rox-Klimatechnik GmbH is a manufacturer of air handling units and components for ventilation plants and process air, acting as a partner to design engineers, system builders and system operators. Central air handling units made by Rox-Klimatechnik GmbH using indoor air and process air handling technology contribute to the maintenance of a comfortable indoor environment. Cleaning contaminated extract air is part of active environmental protection.

Energy demand is substantially reduced because of the energy optimising effect of heat recovery units. As a result, CO2 emissions are reduced. Rox-Klimatechnik GmbH designs energy efficient indoor air and process air handling units for any application.

High quality is our claim

Central air handling units have been made by Rox-Klimatechnik GmbH since 1949. These were the first central air handling units in Germany. Since that time, these units have been under continuous development. They meet the requirements of the most important standards and directives (such as EN ISO 9001:2008; EN 1886, DIN 1946 Part 4, EN 13779, VDI 6022, etc.). This is confirmed through regular experimental tests run on our central air handling units by certified independent testing bodies.

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