Dehumidification units

ROX has developed dehumidification plants suitable for the chemical and food processing industries, as well as for swimming pools and drying buildings. Subject to situation and prevailing framework conditions, dehumidification is achieved either by means of mechanical cooling or by sorption.

"Dehumidification" as used here means reducing the absolute humidity in the air. In certain areas, standard air handling units can achieve dehumidification quite easily; however in some cases this solution may be insufficient. Here, appropriate measures must be taken.

ROX has developed dehumidification plants suitable for the food processing industry, dehumidifying swimming pools, drying buildings and for the chemical industry. For these projects, ROX offers a complete package, including a control unit, refrigeration system and any additional air treatment functions required. Product-specific adaptations with regard to output and requirements for higher hygiene levels or explosion-proof versions can be accommodated. The frameless design of the unit casing enables its materials to be selected freely. Subject to requirements, the casing may be made completely from V4A or AIMg3, or alternative materials altogether.

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