Explosion-proof units

An explosion-proof version of the HYD unit, compliant with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, is also available to order.

All air handling units that have been installed in an atmosphere at risk from explosion or required to handle potentially explosive air are subject to the ATEX Directive. It is possible to design a version according to category 2 (corresponds to ATEX zone 1 – gas, or 21 – dust). This category concerns units that are frequently or regularly subjected to atmospheres at risk from explosion.

Category 3 units are also available (corresponding to ATEX zone 2 – gas, or 22 – dust). This category covers units that are rarely, irregularly or only briefly subjected to atmospheres at risk from explosion. The specification for the required zone, the gas group and the temperature class (maximum surface temperature inside the air handling unit) must be identified by the system installer and/or design engineer for the plant.

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