Gas heating

Direct firing

Directly fired integral heat exchangers with gas burners for heating supply air. Integral heat exchangers are designed specifically for heating the supply air in ventilation systems and air handling units. These heat exchangers can be operated with natural gas or LPG. They are made entirely from stainless steel. In terms of their design and the application of different stainless steel qualities, heat exchangers are differentiated depending on application area, such as dryers in process air handling units with a maximum discharge temperature of 300 °C or air handling and air conditioning units with a maximum discharge temperature of 100 °C. Ensure that the installation site offers an adequate supply of combustion air. Generally, flue gases must be discharged via chimneys.

To protect against overheating, hot air generators with directly fired heat exchangers must be equipped with a high limit safety cut-out with manual reset as well as high limit temperature cut-outs. To prevent damage from the heat exchanger overheating, the residual heat following a plant shutdown must be dissipated through an appropriate run-on period of the supply air fan.

DHW/hot water generation

Generating DHW/hot water with advanced modulating gas condensing technology. Unlimited applications with the highest utilisation of energy. Optimum output matching through modulating output control from 100 % down to 20 %. It has been possible to reduce the start/stop emissions of the latest generation of equipment further still. Highest levels of standard efficiency [to DIN] of up to 110 %. The high performance heat exchanger makes optimum use of the energy deployed. The circulation pump with electronic pressure control optimises the flow rate subject to demand. No minimum water circulation is required. Advanced surface burner technology ensures low NOx emissions. The low operating noise allows installation near the living space. For open flue or room sealed operation. The wall mounted condensing boiler can be installed inside the unit casing itself to save space. Hygienically perfect DHW heating. As an option, the condensing boiler can also be teamed up with a DHW cylinder. The complete system provides domestic hot water both conveniently and exactly as required. The universal peroxide gaskets enable the use of gas as well as oil condensing boilers. The flue is connected directly to the burner without a condensate trap. The unit features an intelligent weather-compensated control unit with a very straightforward operating concept. Control units for additional circuits with mixers, cascades and the integration of solar thermal systems round off our diverse range of applications for our gas condensing boilers.