Instrumentation & control

As an option, every air handling unit in the HYD series can be supplied with a control panel. This can be incorporated inside the casing or supplied as a freestanding panel. No matter whether the unit incorporates a refrigeration system or heat pump, is linked up to a solar thermal system, a geothermal system or equipped with a highly efficient RCS system, it can be supplied with one of our in-house control systems, all of which have been fully tested at the factory - including a full test run. As a result, we can supply an air handling unit that is fully ready to be connected and requires only a power supply on-site.

Two main brands of controller system are offered as standard – CAREL and DEOS. Naturally, we can also use control units from different manufacturers as required, for example where a control system needs to be matched to an existing building management system.

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CAREL control technology

CAREL© control technology offers many functions and can be controlled remotely.


DEOS control technology

DEOS© controllers can be accessed via the internet or mobile app.


Controllers from other manufacturers

Alternative control systems can be deployed where required.