Integral refrigeration systems

Our integrated refrigeration systems are designed and configured individually for each project. Consequently, the performance capacity will always be matched to the project in hand. For example, in relatively simple plants, an affordable stage control can be fitted, and in plants for operating rooms, a hot gas bypass circuit with suction butterfly valve and re-injection to DIN 1946/4 with control from 0 to 100 %, can be installed. This refrigeration system can be integrated directly inside the air handling unit and delivered to site fully plumbed, evacuated and charged.

Where a supply air system is already on site, a separate condenser unit can be installed outside. A further possibility is to split the condenser unit in order to be able to use it for reheating. Consequently, this energy can be used directly without wasting it by expelling it with the exhaust air. Combined with our integral control panels, the plant can be fully completed, requiring only commissioning on site.