Refrigeration and heating technology

As an option, any air handling unit in the HYD series can be configured with an integral refrigeration system, heat pump and/or DHW generator using gas or oil as fuel. Where no DHW or cold water generator is available on site, this can also be integrated in each unit or installed separately. It will always be adjusted to suit local conditions. We will match the refrigeration system or heat pump accordingly in terms of size and output control and have it installed by our refrigeration installers.

We can also configure or adapt the DHW generator if an oil or gas supply is available on site. This can be implemented using the most advanced condensing technology, including the installation of an additional DHW cylinder.

Straightforward pumped hot water and/or pumped cold water control assemblies can be offered as an option, where external hot or cold water generation is part of the scheme.

Heat pumps

Advanced heat pump technology that utilises free environmental energy and saves money.


Heating technology

Efficient heating technology using condensing technology plus integral DHW generation.


Refrigeration systems

Standalone refrigeration systems that ensure the frequently required cooling of the air mass.