ROX siphon type SN

ROX siphon, self filling with integrated floating ball as nonreturn volve, screw cap for revision and clenaning purposes, variable arrangement of discharge with the readed pipe connections on two sides and adjustable height of installation. Suitable for maximal under pressure of P = 3000 Pa.

Execution in PP (poly propylene), maximum total height h = 400 mm, connection of intake by squezzing screw or rubber sleeve for unit discharges ¾", 1¼" or 1½". Diameter of discharge: d= 40 mm.

Holder for siphon, size 80 x 176,5 x 131,5 mm. Material: painted galvanized steel, thickness t = 1,5 mm.

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50,- € Net

  • Siphon, brand ROX, type SN
  • Order number 1271088

12,50 € Net

  • Siphonholder, type SN
  • Order number 5400500
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