Sound protection

The subject of noise emissions is an important one which needs to be addressed in many application areas, especially if the air handling units are to be installed in a residential area or the immediate vicinity of working or living spaces. Many options are available in this regard which may represent solutions for individual applications. It is necessary to check in which frequency range the sound requirements are exceeded and find a suitable solution. It may be appropriate to integrate a ROX silencer inside the unit, or to improve the sound insulation of the casing through sound attenuating interior materials; alternatively it may be better to use a greater sheet steel thickness for the noise emission source.

Everything is possible with the HYD-C series, which already offers improved casing sound attenuation through the use of the triple wall casing structure and a combination of solid and loose mineral fibre. In extreme conditions, it is also possible to further increase the casing material thickness to up to 100 mm.