Special solutions

It is common practice for standard air handling and conditioning units to be adapted to meet the special requirements of particular applications. The flexible design of our products and our many years of experience enable us to find a special solution for any scenario without incurring substantial additional costs.

In this case, please contact a member of our technical sales team, who will be happy to advise you further.

Explosion protection

The explosion-proof versions of ROX air handling units are compliant with ATEX Directives.


Dehumidification units

Dehumidification units achieve a reliable and continuous reduction of air humidity.



Special requirements apply to the air conditioning of container ships and luxury liners.


Swimming pool units

These systems ensure optimum air dehumidification with economical energy consumption.


Climate chambers

Any climatic condition imaginable can be simulated in ROX climate chambers.


High pressure units

High pressure units are designed for extreme pressure requirements, such as where pressure exceeds 10,000 Pa.


Chemical and pharmaceutical industries

For use with heavily polluted extract air and/or high hygiene requirements.


Sound protection

Innovative solutions are called for where noise protection is a particular requirement.