Swimming pool units

Our HYD swimming pool unit has been optimised from an energy viewpoint and is characterised by the use of a suitable casing and integral materials, low energy consumption and a sleek, smooth design that makes cleaning easier. The swimming pool unit primarily utilises recirculation air, with due consideration being given to current standards and directives such as VDI 2089. A certain amount of outdoor air is also mixed in. The amount is automatically regulated subject to outdoor air temperature and humidity level. Idle times are also taken into account.

A swimming pool water condenser can also be used where appropriate. This enables residual heat generated by the heat pump to be used for heating the swimming pool water. As a result, no heat is wasted and the ventilation unit with integral heat pump, instrumentation & control technology, are fully optimised in terms of energy use.

The swimming pool unit can also be adapted according to customer requirements and the available space inside the plant room. We would be happy to advise you further on this subject.