Induction units & fan convectors

Air handling plants with induction units create systems with low operating costs. The primary airflow rate is chosen in accordance with the demand for hygienic outdoor air. The greatest proportion of energy transfer is provided by heating water and cold water. IQW induction units combine the benefits of a 4-line induction plant with those of source ventilation. The IOW unit for control on the water side and the IOK unit for control on the air side via dampers both feature air discharge at the top for a mixed airstream. The external and internal zones of large rooms are easily ventilated and cooled with KES ceiling induction units.

ROX fan convectors have proven ideal in constant operation, both for the heating and cooling of interiors in recirculation mode. By selecting the ventilation level, occupants can directly influence the airstream within the room. Acceptance is correspondingly high. The VQW unit is a source air fan convector, controlled on the water side and designed for integration in parapets. VOW units for control on the water side and VOK units for control on the air side via dampers both feature supply air discharge at the top. VUW units have an air discharge at the bottom and can be combined either with a supply air grille or feed a source air discharge via a supply air duct. The VOW-D fan convector is designed for installation in ceilings and can be combined with the DSV slotted discharge outlet. It is made for 2-line and 4-line systems.

ROX fan convectors can be combined with primary air discharges – air handling systems with such fan convectors can be seen to represent a further development of the induction system.